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55654 - Dogs, cats repeller with lamp function
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The innovative "Spacedog" dog and cat repeller is an excellent product of Isotronic. With battery operated, portable and highly effective for deterring dogs and cats. The device keeps animals around the house away with maximum efficiency, which are undesirables for you. Ideal for sports, running, cycling, walking or any other leisure time spent activity. It is also an excellent addition to carriers or bicycle couriers. multipurpose and provides mobile mobility opportunities for everyone. After installing the unit you no longer need to worry about the occurrence of unwanted animals in your immediate surroundings. A special push button (GOAWAY switch) creates a very powerful signal for deterring approaching animals. It also provides light, which blinds and discourages the animals. Built-in LED lamp suitable for searching for keyholes or small things in the bag. This new ISOTRONIC product can be used immediately in any area, no power cable or complicated assembly is required.

  • Mobile
  • High Power LED
  • Compact size
  • Black color

Power Supply: 1 x 9V (DC) type battery (not included)
Frequency range: 24 - 49 kHz 10%, max. 80 dB
Range: approximately 6 m
Accessories: LED lamp
LED: Activate with the GOAWAY button or the direction indicator by pressing the ON / OFF button
Operating temperature: - 20C to + 50C
Operating humidity: ≤ 90% rel.
Storage temperature: - 5C to + 50C
Storage humidity: ≤ 90% rel.

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