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Privacy Policy
The data you give us is essential on our website to provide quality service for our partners.
This privacy policy notice is to inform our partners regarding the handling of personal information, as well as the rights insured by the European Unions General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and law regarding self-determination rights and information freedom of year 2011. Law CXII.
1. Data controller:
Company name:Globiz International Kft.
Seated:4031 Debrecen Hatr t 1/C
Customer service:+36 52 50 30 50
Registration number:09-09-005586
Tax number:11557324-2-09
2. The handling of personal data when visiting our site.
The visiting and usage of our online service is recorded. Your device IP (for example computer or smartphone), date and time, type of browser and operating system, as well as visited pages are recorded. This data is used for security reasons, as well as to optimize and improve our services. The legal basis for our handling of data is insured by the GDPR 6. article (1) paragraph f) point, as well as Info law 6. (1) paragraph b). Its our right to defend and improve our website and services. All other data management except anonymous data handling for statistical purposes- is done according to this privacy policy. Other occasions for recording data is voluntary, for example as part of a registration, survey or online application or contract.
3. Subscription to newsletter
If you wish to you can subscribe to our newsletter when registering, or with the tick on the profile page. In this instance the newsletter will be sent to the email you gave during registration. The sending of our newsletter is done by our own server so your information is not given to any third party services. Links in our newsletter do not contain tracking information.
4. Data handling of purchases and other business activity
Personal information given on our website is exclusively used for your contracting and contract fulfillment. Legal basis is insured by GDPR law 6. (1) paragraph b). In order for a contract to be made with us and for us to fulfill that contract, you have to give your personal information. We cant process your order or make a contract without your personal information. Your personal information is only stored till your contract is fulfilled except if a law requires us to store the data for the purpose of giving it to authorities (tax authority). The legal basis for the storing and providing of your personal information to authorities regarding to law obligation- is insured by GDPR law 6. (1) paragraph c) as well as Info law 5. (1) paragraph b). In case of a contract with us your address is given to our logistics partners to have them deliver your ordered goods. This data handling is needed for the fulfillment of your contract and its legal basis is insured by GDPR law 6. (1) paragraph b). Your personal data is only stored until the delivery of your goods except if our logistical partners is required by law to store your information for the purpose of giving it to authorities (tax authority).
5. Registration of user account
For the usage of our website the usage of user account is obligatory. This is due to the fact that our company is a wholesaler, our prices are not public, and viewing our prices is only allowed for our partners. For this we need to be able to identify our customers, who because of this have to register. During registration the given information is needed for the fulfillment of the contract. The legal basis is insured by GDPR law 6. (1) paragraph a) as well as Info law 5. (1) paragraph a). If your contract expires with our company, your information is deleted except if we are required by law to store your information for the purpose of giving it to authorities (tax authority). You can ask for you modification or deletion of your data at our customer service. Please note that if you are in a contract with us we can only abide by the deletion of data concerning the contract if we terminate the contract.
6. Cookies and tracking
In order to give some specific functions to you on our website we use cookies. These are small text files, which are stored on your device. Our cookies stored on your device makes it possible for us to recognize your browser on your next visit. With this we can insure that you stay logged in, you can visit your last checked page and to save any settings made in your account (for example language). You can set up your browser to inform you of the location of cookies and to choose whether you want to accept them or not. For further information check the help menu of your browser. Please note that if you dont accept cookies our websites functionality will be limited. These cookies are needed for our website to function properly. When denying these cookies the user experience changes and some functions wont be available.
7. User Rights
If you are an affected person wish to exercise your rights regarding to GDPR as well as Info law, you can consult our customer services through the contacts given in point 1, without any printed forms, our users have the following rights:

  • Getting information concerning information handling (accessibility right, GDPR 15. Article).
  • Correction of incorrect or missing data (correction right GDPR 16. Article).
  • The right to get your data deleted and if your data is publicized- the right to ask the data controller to inform other data controllers of your request (the right to delete GDPR 17. Article).
  • Restricting data handling (right to restrict data handling GDPR 18. Article).
  • The right to get your used personal information in an articulated widely used machine readable format, and to get this information transferred to other data handlers (the right to data portability GDPR 20 Article).
  • The right to object to data handling in order to disable data handling (the right to object GDPR 21. Article)
  • The right to withdraw you approval of information handling in order to disable data handling. The withdrawal does not affect the legality of prior data handling (the right to withdraw approval GDPR 7. Article)
  • The right to complain to authorities, if you think that data handling conflicts with the AR instructions (the right to complain to authorities, GDPR 77. Article)
By notifying the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (, 1530 Budapest, P.O.B.: 5., Phone: +36-1-391-1400, Fax: +36-1-391-1410, e-mail: anyone can initiate an inspection regarding personal information handling, and any violations or danger of violation regarding publicized data or data in public interests.
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